Hazel Griffiths attended the Hereford college of the arts at the age of sixteen, taking the foundation course in art and design, going on to specialize in fashion design.

She then went on to study fashion design at newport university. Here she developed an illustrative style through the many fashion illustrations she produced for each project, that is still evident the stylized ascetic in her figures. She soon learned that fashion drawing and the designing itself were her strong points.

Hazel then traveled for a number of years after deciding she didn’t want to work in the fashion industry and decided she wanted to go back to her roots in fine art. Her travels played an important role in the work she later produced and as soon as she had the space of her own studio, Hazel set about producing larger pieces inspired by drawings and sketches she made whilst traveling.

She went on to collaborate on a picture book in 2012 by making the illustrations to go with the text.

She explored various techniques in the nine years she has been painting including encaustic wax which she learned taking classes at the lighthouse center in Jupiter, Florida.

Hazel also explored classical oil painting techniques and although she is mostly self taught she continued her education in painting with the late artist Dennis Aufeiry, taking classes in figure and landscape painting until his death in June 2015. He as been one of the greatest influences on her painting technique, knowledge and insight into her craft. He encouraged her to take part in the student show at the armory art center earlier on in 2015 where she exhibited one in a series of small oil paintings.

She also took part in the members show at the lighthouse art center in February of 2014, exhibiting a couple of her larger abstracts in mixed media.

Hazel as taken part in various shows over the years including the hArt art fair in the UK and a number of events in Delray Florida. After making a name for herself, she is now part of a collective of artists putting on monthly shows also in south Florida.

She has also exhibited her latest work at gallery 212 in Wynwood, Miami and took part in art Basel with them in 2014.

She is now exhibiting work at Lemon City Studios, Miami and is taking part in private viewings throughout Miami for Art Basel 2015.

To date a number of people have collected and bought her work, including a south American casino owner, local business owners and people in the UK who became familiar with her work through the hArt festival. Pieces have also been sent to buyers across the country including Las Vegas.